With us, delivery is guranteed or you recive your money back. If package is seized or lost by post, we will reship your package and if that fails , we will refund your funds.

Depending on your location and our stock situation, we will ship from EU, Ukraine or Russia.
We will evualute which option is best for your case.
To EU countries we ship from inside the EU

Shipping times:

Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria.
To these countries we ship only with private shipping company from inside the EU.
Delivery time 5-7 days.

France, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia,Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Greece.
We can ship with regular mail usually 10 day delivery
Or we can use private shipping company for 5 day delivery

UK, USA, Canada
Usually we ship with regular mail, it takes 1-3 weeks.
But with larger orders we can ship with UPS 2-5 day delivery.

Middle East
we do not ship directly to Middle East countries, we ship to Arimex and then Arimex delivers it further.


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